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About Us

Remove Incentive. Reduce Exposure. No More Fraud.

Epic One is the first proactive credit card fraud prevention technology that actively addresses the root cause of fraud – valuable information.


About Us
A group of engineers and developers constructed a method that literally shifted the paradigm of how we perform transactions – all without requiring infrastructure changes. A seamless integration of a new system could be implemented over night and at the very least prevent 95% of purchase transaction fraud that occurs everyday with payment cards. This system would later be named Epic One.


How We Started
After a series of continuous fraudulent transactions happening seemingly one after the other, it became clear the current method of performing transactions was clearly reaching its threshold for consumer satisfaction. What was interesting though, was the fact that it was accepted as a normal occurrence and it was part of business. The truth is, it shouldn’t be, especially now. The technology we have today can easily overcome this problem, its only a question of implementation.


Our Philosophy
One of the major discoveries is the credit card fraud is NOT the problem. The source of the problem is that the data that leaves a card remains valuable after the transaction is complete. We’ve removed the incentive to steal the data by making the data itself completely useless as soon as you swipe the Epic One card. All this is done without requiring any changes to the way we perform purchases.


Our Services
We provide a white label Epic One card for issuing financial institutions coupled with a software as a service fraud prevention technology that renders all merchant breaches and related fraud events irrelevant to both the financial institution and the cardholder.


What We Do
We make credit card data useless to hackers and thieves. We address the root cause of fraud by removing the value from the card data which removes the incentive to steal it. As a result, merchant breaches, skimming, ram scrapers and anything else that steals card data is reduced down to an irrelevant event for financial institutions using Epic One technology.


Why We Do It
We believe in a world where a simple purchase isn’t coupled with risk of exposure. Where authenticity is paramount and peace of mind becomes ubiquitous. Security is a fundamental building block to any technology or service, one that address the inherent problems it strives to solve.

Our unique service is available now.

Contact us to see how we can implement our technology with your existing infrastructure to save money on fraud expenditures and open revenue streams with our unique features. 

Learn how Epic One makes fraud events irrelevant.

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