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Epic One Makes Credit Cards Useless to Hackers

Recently 1.5 million credit card numbers were compromised from a large card processor called Global Payments. The data taken from each account was enough to perform fraudulent transactions. They have alerted potential victims to monitor their accounts for purchases they do not recognize.

You can read more info here. Continue reading to see how Epic One makes credit cards useless to hackers…

Normally when a situation like this happens it isn’t public, one day you go to use your card and it gets denied without warning. Your bank automatically stops you from using your card because your card information is suspected to be compromised. Although they are trying to protect you, you did nothing wrong and you are the one inconvenienced. From then on you’ll have to wait a week to get your new card, activate it and then go online to change your subscription services from your old card to a the new card you just received. In other cases, when you discover fraudulent transactions in your account you have to dispute all the purchase you claim to be fraudulent and file a police report. If this happens too often you become liable.

A breach in the millions is extremely expensive for the merchants and banks, depending on the type of fraud that occurs, either could be liable. In some cases the consumer is liable up to $50. There are generally two types of fraud, “Card Present” and “Card Not Present”. One is face to face where someone copies or steals your credit card, merchants are liable in this scenario. The other is in a breach, depending on where the breach occurred, the banks or the merchants are liable. Epic One eliminates both types.

The first thing you must understand is that every time you use your credit cards, you are essentially storing your card information with the merchant you’re doing business with. If this merchant gets hacked you’re information is compromised and you have to deal with the headache of getting a new card. Think of all the places you’ve used your cards… if you’ve used your card at 12 different merchants that means there are at least 12 locations where your credit cards are waiting to get exposed.

Keep in mind, everything I’ll be discussing below works with the current payment infrastructure that exists today. With Epic One you’ll minimize the exposure to one location, Epic One Corp. When we store your card information it’ll be in a distributed system that is not connected to any networks such as the internet. Let me say that one more time, you’re information is stored in a distributed system not connected to the internet. When I say distributed I mean we break down your critical card information and store it in pieces in different locations in a system that isn’t connected to the internet. Now with this methodology, you’re information is in one location instead of 12 locations like the instance above, so you’re inherently more secure in that respect.

Epic One cards with logoNow let’s get into the Epic One card, this card grants you temporary access to your Epic One account. As I have mentioned before this card generates new secure transaction data for every transaction. Without valid secure transaction information the card will not grant you that temporary access to your account. Lets call this secure transaction data the Epic One Cryptogram (EOC). The EOC generated from within the card is what the merchants see when you swipe your Epic One card at any merchant. This information eventually makes it back to the Epic One system, we validate your EOC and then we finalize your transaction with your credit card with your bank without ever exposing it to anyone else (especially the merchant where a lot of the hacking occurs). After the authentication is completed the EOC expires immediately. The merchant will store your EOC (like they do credit cards) and if a breach happens at that merchant the hacker will have a database of expired EOC’s which is completely useless to him, thus saving you from the headache of credit card fraud.

Ok, but the breach mentioned earlier happened in a credit card processor, not a bank or a merchant. How does Epic One stop that from happening? With Epic One we’ve created a method where a 2 factor authentication is required within the Visa and Mastercard network. In other words, a hacker would need to correctly generate a valid cryptogram as well as have your credit card information. In the case above, the thieves may have compromised your real credit cards because of the card processing company but they can’t generate the secure transaction data to use them, so your actual credit cards are completely useless to the hacker! How’s that for innovation?

This will be the first time credit card data stored in servers are completely useless to hackers. With Epic One, your credit cards now require the secure transaction information generated from your Epic One card in order to make a purchase. Even if your credit card information has been compromised because of the lack of security of these merchants or card processors, as soon as you become an Epic One member, only you can generate secure transaction data with your Epic One card.

You can get your Epic One card here. Please comment and share.

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  1. You mentioned – With Epic One we’ve created a method where a 2 factor authentication is required within the Visa and Mastercard network.

    I noticed you didn’t mention Discover. Is the 2 factor authentication not present with Discover and does it affect the security of E1?

    • That was my mistake, this includes all forms of payments cards from gift cards, credit, debit, rewards cards etc. This is independent of which card brand you want to use. Of course the best part being that you never expose your information to anyone.

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