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The only enterprise software that prevents credit card fraud. Experts agree, Epic One has managed to combine different technologies to provide a solution to credit card fraud that can be implemented today without any infrastructure changes to the payment industry. For the first time, Epic One protects all card present and card not present transactions. We give you the peace of mind to make transactions without fear of having your information stolen.

We want to live in a world where credit card fraud is a thing of the past while at the same time make it easier to manage your credit cards all in one system. Epic One members now only carry one card and never deal with fraud. That means no more disputing fraudulent transactions and cancelling your cards and replacing old subscriptions linked to compromised card with a new one.

"There's nothing more powerful than an idea who's time has come"
-Victor Hugo

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Watch to see how we make credit card fraud a thing of the past.

Blue & Orange G & W Card V3

Blue & Orange G & W Card V3

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Epic One will not allow anyone to see your information as per our privacy policy.

Metal Blue & Orange Card V2

One Card Protects Your Wallet

Your Epic One card generates brand new authentication credentials directly from the card for every transaction you make. When the transaction is complete, this information expires immediately so no one can make purchases with your private information. Now you can be confident about making purchases without any worries.

Epic One will optimize the use of your stored payment cards so you always maximize your rewards points.

Redundant Payment Method.

Have you ever lost your credit card or forgotten your wallet? The Epic One app for your smartphone acts like your Epic One card so you always have a back-up payment method. It has the same security as your Epic One card with all the same benefits. You can even use them together in case you want to use a specific card for a given purchase.

When you're ready to make a purchase, select one of the cards from the list and either use your phone to pay via NFC or use your Epic One card. We will finalize the transaction with the selected card without exposing it to the merchant, all done in the background.


90 Sec Video

The only secure way to pay without exposing a single card

Epic One Security 2

Rest Assured. You're Secured.

Rest assured our security infrastructure is designed from the ground up. There is nothing more important than keeping your information safe from any intruder so we've taken every measure possible to ensure you no worries. We hold numerous patent pending technologies in the security between your card and the Epic One system which allows you to pay confidently and allows us to sleep at night.

With custom built security protocols, we can ensure that every transaction that occurs between you and Epic One will be authentic. Any other type of transaction will be denied instantly. No two Epic One cards will generate the same authentication credentials... ever. Pretty secure isn't it?

Epic One Provides Benefits to All Parties


Purchase with a peace of mind.

No credit card fraud. Ever.

Carry ONLY your Epic One Card and still have access to:

  • Gas Cards
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Merchant Cards
  • Rewards Cards
  • Read more


Continue to collect analytic information without fear of hacking

No more charge backs due to fraud! (you can still return items, of course)

Protect your server information by storing expired data.


No more credit card fraud!

Easy installation of the Epic One Enterprise software. 

Restore consumer confidence and increase your brand satisfaction.

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