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Introducing Epic One

Epic One is the first proactive fraud prevention technology that addresses the root cause of credit card fraud. We render all fraud events irrelevant to card issuers and cardholders by making card data useless to hackers. By removing the value of credit card data we remove the incentive to steal it. This means no more canceling cards and no more issuing new ones after every breach. On top of this, we offer new technology that gives each cardholder more control over their payment information. This enhances confidence in your brand while adding a new revenue stream, making Epic One the preferred card.

"There's nothing more powerful than an idea who's time has come"
-Victor Hugo

A Whole New Level of Freedom.

See what your cardholders will be capable of below.

90 Sec Video

Watch to see how we make credit card fraud a thing of the past.

Blue & Orange G & W Card V3

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Metal Blue & Orange Card V2

Virtual One

One Epic Card with Unlimited Virtual Cards.
Now issue unlimited virtual cards without the hassle of sending physical cards to users. Card holders will now carry a single epic card for their account which grants them access to all their virtual cards.

Metal Blue & Orange Card V2

Swift One

Instant Issue - Literally.
You can "instant" issue virtual cards to card holders electronically via marketing campaigns, email messages, website promotions and other promotional initiatives.

Metal Blue & Orange Card V2

Divvy One

Share/Send Virtual Cards to Others.
Send virtual gift cards to others with just an email. Lend access to your virtual cards to family, track and manage their spending limits. It's instant and there's no need for wire transfers.

Metal Blue & Orange Card V2

Unarm One

Instant Deactivation.
Now your cardholders can instantly deactivate their card from their app or browser extension. If they find the card they can reactivate it right from the app. No need to contact the bank. Instant protection. Peace of mind.

Link One

Worldwide Acceptance & Secure Remote Purchases.

Metal Blue & Orange Card V2

Now you can purchase an item online -remotely- for your family members securely. Convenient in emergencies or when you’re frequently on the go. Never notify your bank that you’re traveling again, since you never expose valuable information. The information generated is unique to you and expires in seconds.

Prime One

Choose Primary Card.
Cardholders can now choose the top of the wallet card right from the app without having to issue multiple cards to the user. Once selected, there's never a need to use the phone to make purchase. Just select your primary card and forget it.

Sequence One

Choose the Order of Execution.
Cardholders can choose the sequence of their cards. For example, Epic cardholders can create a Business mode using their business credit & debit cards. When you’re out on a business trip, just swipe your E1 card and you’ll use your Business sequence you set. This mode can be Divvy’d to anyone you desire, critical for a small business.
Prime & Sequence App


Identification On Network.
  • Tap to log in to your secure network
  • No more memorizing usernames and passwords.
  • Passwords expire after a few seconds.
  • Fingerprints never leave the card.
  • Manage access to central control panel.
  • Protecting a database full of passwords is now history.
With ION, your employees will no longer have to remember usernames and passwords. E1 Dynamic Authentication technology means never worrying about your network being compromised by an intruder because finally, passwords expire in seconds.

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